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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the subscription charges/ pricing plan?
    Kindly checkout the BUY NOW option on the home page.
  • Can I trade directly from TradingView?
    It is possible to trade directly from the TradingView Platform. However, you need to work with your broker to understand the steps of API integration.
  • Does signal repaint?
    The signals don’t repaint, they appear in real-time, and are confirmed on candle close.
  • What segments or markets I can use this Indicator?
    Index Stocks Currencies Commodities Crypto Currencies
  • How can I check past performance?
    Please check out our Telegram Channel to review the past performance and results in various segments. We keep sharing a lot out there and we hope you can take the right decision. Telegram Link: In case you intend to use the buy/sell alerts feature extensively then you can consider upgrading your TradingView subscription.
  • Steps to access the paid Indicators.
    1) Login to TradingView 2) Go to Indicators 3) Go to Invite-only scripts 4) Click on Pi Signals ver 5.0 indicator name to add on the chart. 5) Similarly add a Pi_DC indicator which is a complimentary indicator. Note: If you have a basic TradingView account then you can apply/add only 3 indicators on the chart. Hence, you might need to remove any of the previously added indicators before adding Pi signals to the chart. If you see any error while applying the indicator on chart then please logout and login once in the TradingView account. Video Tutorial:
  • Which Candlestick pattern will give me good results?
    We recommend Heikin Ashi candles as they are much smoother which helps to identify the trending direction more easily whereas normal candlesticks alternate color even if the price is moving dominantly in one direction. We have added a feature called “Trend and Consolidation” in our indicator which helps in determining the trending and ranging market. Alongside you can also enable two options called “uptrend” or “Downtrend” with Doji which shows "Up" and "Down" arrows acting as trend continuation until you notice "Doji" formations indicating a likely trend reversal.
  • Best timeframe to use?
    This is a common question asked by almost everyone. The answer is it totally depends on your trading style. however, we have few recommendations as below: 1) 5 or 15 minutes - Intraday trading in Index, commodities, and Forex. 2) 1 min or 3 mins - Scalping in any segment. 3) Higher time frame like 30 min - 1 Hr or higher for positional trades in stocks. 4) Trade cautiously in crypto currencies due to volatility and unexpected moves. Recommended time frame 30 min or higher.
  • What is
    TradingView is an advanced charts visualization platform. It is a powerful technical analysis tool for both novice and experienced investors and traders. It is reliable, comprehensive, and has most of what you need day-to-day when trading.
  • Is it good for beginners like me?
    Yes, if you're new to trading you can certainly use our tools with ease. We have many easy-to-follow steps & guides for you to use as a beginner and get you started out on the right track.
  • Can I use Pi Signals Indicators on my Laptop and Mobile?
    Yes, you can use the indicator on both Laptop and Mobile App
  • What is the accuracy of the indicator?
    We do not provide a specific % accuracy of our indicators because they are designed with different customizable features and built-in strategies for you to optimize as your own trading system. The indicator will give you a direction and you can use it as an additional confirmation alongside your trades.
  • I need a Free Trial or Demo
    Unfortunately, we have stopped the “free” trial or demo due to the huge volume of requests we receive daily. It’s just a very time-consuming process that prevents us from focusing on our commitments towards product enhancement and serving our existing subscribers.
  • Do I need to upgrade TradingView to use your Indicator?
    No, our indicator works with basic (free subscription) as well.
Pi Signals Tradingview indicator
Pi Signals Tradingview indicator
Pi Signals Tradingview indicator
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