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Pay with #PayPal
All-Inclusive Access

"Simplify Transactions, Amplify Convenience: Pay with Confidence, Pay with PayPal."

Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you

  • Monthly

    Every month
  • Quarterly

    Every 3 months
  • Half Yearly

    Every 6 months
  • Yearly

    Every year
  • Lifetime


Pay in #Indian Rupee
All-Inclusive Access

"Transact with Google Pay, PhonePe, Net-banking, and Cards - Your Convenience, Your Way!"

Scan & Pay

"Simply Scan the QR code and Subscribe: Seamless Payments with Binance Pay!"


This is another flexible option to Pay and subscribe through Binance Pay Application. Kindly pay USDT matching the exact amount shown in the Pricing plans.

Send us the payment screenshot and your TradingView User ID at:

Pi Signals QR Code
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Pay with #Cards
All-Inclusive Access

"Elevate Your Experience with Secure Card and Payments!"

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